A forbidden list of phrases

Do you see what I did there? Nick Mailer  
Interweb Matthew  
Chrimble/Chrimbo Nick Mailer  
Mackee-Dees Nick Mailer  
Hols David G  
On Acid Adam Huffman  
Ablutions Adam Huffman  
Uni Robert Morgan  
The Web Robert Morgan  
Political correctness gone mad Adam Huffman  
anyways John W  
myself/yourself (except with reflexive verbs) Nick Mailer  
Fascist Adam Huffman  
Placky bag Nick Mailer  
For my sins Adam Huffman  
I'm lovin' it Steve Wilkinson  
What-EVER Nick Mailer  
Chattering Classes Victoria  
Detox Victoria  
spiritual Victoria  
Energy (not defined as capability to do work) Victoria  
Intolerance (as in 'wheat intolerance') Victoria  
Oh, my life Victoria  
Like (as used by American teenagers) Levine  
basically John W  
Natch Matthew  
Bzzzzt! Matthew  
Ta muchly Nick Mailer  
Ta da! Nick Mailer  
eeerm Victoria  
Union Jack Levine  
Blog/Blogger/Blogging Nick Mailer  
Veritable Adam Huffman  
prolly MHW  
He-llo?! Vaughan  
Happy bunny Vaughan  
commence to start MHW  
Hardy Har Har Mr Wilks  
is is Adam Huffman  
A propos of Vaughan  
Yers MHW  
Singleton Victoria  
Proxy (when you mean approximate) Victoria  
Anyhoo MHW  
methinks Steve  
Edgy Adam Huffman  
Raft (As in "A raft of..." Victoria  
Management Bandwidth Victoria  
Verbal (when "oral" is meant) Adam  
Low-carb Lizifer  
ATM machine Lizifer  
Nuff said Adam Huffman  
'People' as in 'sorry, people' or 'okay, people' Adam Huffman  
Buck House (for Buckingham Palace) Nick Mailer  
Wey hey! (or any variation thereon, like we-hey!) Nick Mailer  
Go figure Adam Huffman  
Tour de force (particularly in description of a film) Sarah  
Off of (I dare you to take this off of this list) Sarah  
Rocket science Adam Huffman  
I kid you not Adam Huffman  
singular (as in "the artist's work displays a singular vision") Sarah  
"Am i the only person in the world who uses their mobile for just phoning & sms?" Adam Huffman  
Narrative - when misused by the same people who misuse "edgy" Adam Huffman  
surreal (except in discussing the specific artistic movement) Nick Mailer  
going from strength to strength Sarah  
Literally - unless literally literally Nick Mailer  
Ask - cf. "a big ask" Adam Huffman  
cuppa Nick Mailer  
"organised religion" (the rejection of which you think excuses your brand of woowoo) Nick Mailer  
'Heads up' as in 'Thanks for the ...' Vaughan  
"End of". Adam Huffman  
'Take off line' when you mean 'Can't be bothered/unable to agree' Zoltan  
So squish. Graeme Payne  
Random (meaning "slightly uncharacteristic" or, increasingly, just "normal" as in "how random!" or "just a random group of people") Robert Morgan  
Can I get (as in when ordering a FrappuccinoŽ) Robert Morgan  
Arf Steve Wilkinson  
stylee Biob  
An unholy union of...  
Fisking Wilko  
going forward Nick Mailer  
notion (as in "In my work I am looking at notions of..." or "I have been experimenting with the notion...") Though I think it's okay to use the term 'notions' if you're talking about ribbons and buttons). Sarah  
Rumours of [x]'s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Steve W  
Egregious abuse of one word sentences e.g. "Best. Thread. Ever." Adam Huffman  
Slashdot Steve W  

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